The Jesus Story in 4D

The Jesus Story in 4D
Genres: Biblical, Christian

Nigel Andrews has combined the four Gospel narratives into a single account, in the order in which they take place, including all the major elements and details. The Jesus story in 4D is not inteneded to replace reading each Gospel individually, but shows the overall shape and development of Jesus' ministry, giving the general reader a full understandjing when reading the individual Gospels.

Material from the first two chapters of the Acts of the Apostles has been included to complete the picture of Jesus' teaching between His Resurrection and Ascension.

About the Book
What a delicious irony for a retired anaesthetist to review the cutting and stitching of a retired surgeon! Andrews has compiled a chronological account of the life and work of Christ from the Gospels and the first two chapters of Acts, using 76.5% of the verses available. He feels the gospel may be better understood within the framework of a continuous timeline so that “...the closer will be our encounter with Jesus...the good news of God.” Each excerpt is colour-coded for source. The text flows easily, even if a single interpolation from another source brings a slightly intrusive colour change. If it does indeed increase accessibility and understanding for a casual gospel reader then it is a benefit worthy of the obvious effort. ROGER THORNINGTON Transforming Ministry
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