Loxwood Press – book publisher

50 Loxwood Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7RA

Tel: 01903 232208

email: d.banks179 @ gmail.com

We specialise in publishing short run, paperback, A5 size books, with full colour covers.

Nearly any type of fairly short manuscript will be considered, but not anything anti-Christian or pornographic.

If you have had an interesting, or hard, life you think your family or other people would be interested in reading, then you probably have a potential book. If you think you could never write a book, then we will gladly help and encourage you. Many of our titles are autobiographical.  Or you may have an interesting hobby.

You may have had experience of coping with a medical problem, or helping someone who has one, and what you have learned could be a help to other people. Some of our most useful books have been of this type.

If your manuscript is considered worth publishing and is likely to appeal to readers, then Loxwood Press will publish it without any cost to you and will pay you royalties. However, if your manuscript will have only a limited readership then, depending on the length of your manuscript, the cost will be £300 or less. For this you will get:

  • Editing of your manuscript
  • Typesetting and layout
  • Design of a full colour cover
  • An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and barcode
  • Your book will be deposited with the British Library and the UK’s five National Libraries
  • Listing on Amazon, the on-line retailer, and also by Gardners and Nielsen
  • A formal Agreement guaranteeing your rights as the author
  • Royalty of 10 per cent of the Selling Price on all copies sold, accounting made once a year in December ― but realistically do not expect them to pay for you to have a holiday in the Bahamas!
  • Twenty full colour “flyers” for advertising purposes
  • Press releases sent to your local newspapers, radio, etc.